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Emerging installation, painting, sculpture, and performance art into his work, Shaun El C. Leonardo encapsulates viewers into his own world where the ideas of personal masculinity are visualized with self portrait super heroes, football stars, and, of course, professional wrestling. What draws me to this artist, besides the obvious similar use of subject and material, is that he doesn't pander to any style and because of that I believe his work is true to himself, and in return points a big middle finger to elitism in the art world. ROLL TIDE.


Shaun El C. Leonardo received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives/works in Queens, New York City – the borough in which he was born and raised.


"My artwork extends from an internal investigation of the childhood role models, popular icons and cultural stereotypes that influenced how I perceive what it means to be a man. By projecting myself as hyper-masculine heroes, I manifest the ongoing tensions between my desires to represent male virility and the vulnerabilities within my identity developed by these images of power."


"Battle Royal", 3 hour performance piece, October 2009

for more, check out his website @ elcleonardo.com

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