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meet Heather Hart, queen of crochet.

Born in 1975 in Seattle, she received her undergraduate degree from Cornish College of the arts, and later, her MFA from PRINCETON. Heather Hart's mixture of interactive installations, individual pieces, and performances has gained her notoriety throughout the years, from her though provoking pieces on identity, to her OCD-like work ethic of using common crafty materials. Her work is reminiscent of the early feminist art movement from the 1970's, but has a bonding aesthetic with all viewers.

She wrote:

"I am interested in how we, as humans, relate to each other. How we relate to materials. Perception. Assumption. Tradition. Nostalgia. Hermeneutics. Semantics. Phenomenology. And how they contribute to our forming our identity."

Her public installations are something to behold, as they are strategically placed in areas of human interaction, and some of the sheer scale of her work engulfs the viewer.

One such examples is her "Subway Cozies" series.

She currently resides and works out of NYC.

For more of her work, check out her website.



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